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Here's what people are saying about FEARLESS FOCUS:



“It’s a great book on becoming self aware. We all need to look at ourselves and find ways we can become better individuals.” 
– Reviewer, Amazon


“The author is an authoritative, yet down-to-earth guide, sharing her own struggles and  how she was ultimately able to find focus. Many options are laid out so that the reader can try whatever feels right. I enjoyed the book and took away some new ideas to try.”
– Reviewer, Amazon

“Ever lose control of what your own mind is thinking? Can’t seem to stop thinking about something (or a lot of things)? This excellent book will help you gain control and focus in easy-to-implement suggestions. It will help you dig deep into mindset and changing your way of thinking (or not thinking). Loved it! Plan on reading it again to capture what I might’ve missed the first time!”
– Reviewer, Amazon

“I think I will apply some of the ideas to my own life and probably will re-read some sections again. For me personally, it’s very easy to spend too much time “in my head,”so to speak – the author addresses this and how to get out of your mind and back into living, action and focused on what’s  most important to you. This is a book worth reading.” – Reviewer, Amazon

“…Through this book, Lee provided me with the tools I am now implementing to get me back to focusing on what I truly want and need in my life to be a success. I’m going to share this book with my partner. Great stuff!” – Reviewer, Goodreads 





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