My name is lee and i'm an over-thinker. Hi Lee.

This affliction used to constantly distract me from life. My thoughts and attention were all over the place and I felt like I was trapped in an endless state of analysis paralysis. Before I knew it, I was coping in unhealthy ways and I hardly recognized who I had become.

Stuck in the corporate rat race, just another number in a meaningless job with no discernible way out, I was trying to make everyone around me happy with the least amount of focus towards my own endeavors. I woke up one day, faced some hard truths and finally decided enough was enough. I was ready to live life on my own terms; with integrity, a positive outlook, and an open mind. I changed my attitude and rewired my beliefs, honing in on what truly mattered to me. Once I realized my true worth, I lost all the stress weight I had put on (close to 50 pounds), along with the weight of a crappy relationship.

I taught myself to get excited about learning, embracing the Socratic insight above and became a student of life. I devoured every self-help, science, spirituality, health, business, motivation, creativity, self-discipline, and happiness book, blog, and podcast I could find.

I'm still a work in progress but a much happier one. I hope to spread the word to others that change is possible with the right mind shift and a healthy dose of optimism. If can change your mind, you can change your life.